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KNiTO Core Library

KNiTO Core Library

By subscribing to KNiTO Core Library, you have access to:

  • Web Scale Discovery to search 1 billion scientific records in one go
  • Advanced browsing to find high ranked journals and best books
  • Link to all valuable scientific resources in the world
  • Full Text access to thousands of open access journal and books
  • Access to your institutional full text inside campus (when applicable)
  • Access to 75,000 e-Books from 500 publishers, including 120 university presses


Access to 13,000 e-Journals with over 150 million full text articles

  • Access to 1,100 international newspapers, 600 magazines and newswire
  • Access to citations and abstracts format of over 2.9 million dissertations and theses
  • Access to over 56,000 full text dissertations
  • Access to RefWorks as your online research management, writing and collaboration tool
  • KNiTO mobile application on Galaxy Tab
  • Special offer for Samsung Galaxy Tab with KNiTO mobile application

KNiTO Core Library is suitable for anyone who needs comprehensive information in all subject areas and could answer 80 percent of your needs.